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Additional Services

Tiling, Installation of Lamenated Flooring. General Home Maintenance, Pest Control.

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

Along with using the best machinery, we offer an effective service to deep clean any carpet or upholstery areas.
We ensure that all stuborn stains and marks are removed effectively.

iSteam Knysna Application Services

iSteam Knysna delivers a variety of Steam Cleaning services to cater for all types of cleaning and sanitizing need. We come right to your premises and get the job done effectively.


Interior and exterior cleaning of all types of vehicles.

Boats and Aircraft

Interior and exterior steam cleaning of all makes Boats and Aircrafts.

Wineries and Breweries

The Optima Steamer is perfect for all wine industries, ensuring clean and bacteria free operations.


We have the ability to clean and sanitize any hospitality facility.

Food Production and Packaging

Eliminating hazardous food-borne bacteria and removing all unwanted micro-organisms.

Commercial Cleaning

Deep cleaning of all commercial properties. Ensuring your house is sparkling and germ free.

Tile Grout

Effectively removing all dirt from tile grout around the home.

Window Cleaning

Steam cleaning of all property window types.

Persian Rugs Cleaning & Repairs

Steam cleaning and repairs of all Persian rug types.

Matress Cleaning

Sterilization and cleaning of all matresses.

Hanging Curtain Cleaning

Steam cleaning of all hanging curtains.

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